About the Film

"Two Worlds Collide"image of Tom Kenney

Hatun Surucu suffered from a conflict typical to many young Muslim women born in Germany.  She was torn between the wish to live as a free, independent Western woman; and the desire to be close to her conservative Muslim family.

For Hatun, the concept of being Turkish and German at the same time seemed to work. She had both male and female German friends.  She was capable of living independently. She liked to wear make-up and jewelry.  She enjoyed dancing at discos. She even changed her name to "Aynur" (Moonbeam) to reflect her new life.

At the same time, she celebrated Muslim holidays, did not eat pork, and had friends in the Turkish community.   She even wore a necklace, hidden under her clothes, with words from the Koran.  This amulet was meant to protect her and keep evil away, but in the end it failed.

After 30 years in Germany, Hatun’s parents were still living and thinking much like people decades ago in their Eastern Anatolian village.  Like many in the Kurdish-Turkish community of Berlin, they were unable to accept Hatun’s new lifestyle.

At the age of 23, Hatun was killed by her younger brother in an effort to protect the Surucu family’s honor.  Her death put an end to her struggle to balance these two cultural identities.  Unable to choose between the two, she lost her life trying to find homes in both.